Top 10 Beautiful Asian Woman

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Top 10 Beautiful Asian Woman

I turned around and smirked, “Why do you assume I did anything?” “Hey, whats up?” I asked him quietly, assuming we were trying to hide from someone. “What should I watch?

” I murmured to myself, scanning through the channels. God, how I hated spending nights to. I didn’t used to, back when Mark and I had dated, but he was a no good scumbag. So here I was, staying in on a perfectly beautiful Friday winter night.

For a moment, my thoughts turned to Ali, but I just as soon shoved them from my mind. Nothing could or would ever happen between the two of us. I wanted a husband, and all he wanted were orgasms. I gave a small laugh, Top 10 Beautiful Asian Woman then heaved a sigh and shut off the TV. I picked up my phone and dialed Leslie’s number.

I say nothing in response, standing up quickly while ignoring the throbbing in both my heart and my thumb. “W-where’s the others?”I quickly address Ray and Yi, who are both smirking.

He put his feet up on his desk and leaned back in his chair. “You can’t believe everything you read in the papers, you know.” “Yes,” I answer him, and then I quickly move away. The pounding of my heart slows down as soon as I am away from that cash register, steadiness now entering me. I never knew ordering could be so scary.

He turned red in anger and embarrassment. “I don’t love her. Just a crush.

” “I knew you’d like it,” Leo grinned behind her. He’d read all the thoughts that she’d said about the place. This field was Leo’s secret place, and he’d hoped to share it one day with his mate. Grinning like a fool, he stepped towards Taylor, wrapping his arms around her from the back and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Taylor smiled before wrapping her arms around Leo’s. Both of them looked at the field silently. Few peaceful minutes passed by before Leo let go of her. I groan and tried to get free. Without success might I add. “Hey, you!” Kip chucked my under the chin as I put on my coat and prepared to leave for the night.

“You have fun at La Reve?” “ Thanks Ty for the input, I’ll have them run around the football field….

” He stopped and laughed. “ how many times should they run it?” he asked me. I smirked and looked over at the six idiots. And they were all glaring at me. “ Well if Corey did so make a bet with the football players…

It’s not going to affect me, because he is the one that is going to end up dead,” I said evilly.

Evian started laughing and I looked at him raising an eyebrow.

Top 10 Beautiful Asian Woman