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Western Asian Women

The other hesitated. “Don’t make me regret this.” Ian squeezed his eyes shut in guilt. “Alright children, today we have a new assignment.

” Coach Lorre said, meeting eyes with each one of us. He met eyes with me and I thought I saw them soften for a split second before going hard agai, Western Asian Women.

“The principal thinks I’m being too hard on you, he suggested that I go easy on you, so, to acknowledge his suggestion, ten pushups, and twenty sit ups, after you run three laps on the track.

” He said. A collective groan ran through the room, not including me and the pack. CHAPTER FOURTEEN “Just go ahead and try,” I laugh, “try and steal me from him.” Next he pointed to the guy that I meet at the door that called me sexy … ya know the one with the doll face. Apparently his name was Deva, Western Asian Women. He had dark black hair, silver eyes with a speck of red, and had a perfect tanned body. After he pointed to a very handsome guy. His name was Shane. He had dirty blonde hair, with baby blue eyes. He was about the same height as Nathan and was wearing a shirt that showed his muscular body off well. Last Nathan pointed to the quiet guy. “Verona,” the male spoke softly, softer than he did even with Ia, Western Asian Women. Taylor blushed as they broke apart from their kiss again, allowing laughter and cheer to float in the room. They were currently sitting at the table, enjoying the toasts their family and friends were giving.

He then did something I never expected. He pulled out a small white box and got on his knee. He opened it and said “I love you Alissa Martine, and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to give you all my love and always stay by your side. Will you marry me?” I was shocked. The crowd had gone quiet then you could hear them screaming saying “SAY YES! SAY YES!” I got onto my knee and said “Yes.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

Then he pulled me up and placed the ring on my finger.

For he knows I will follow. I held in a laugh as Kayden moved closer to me. “Duh,” Margo was obviously a little slow. “Xavier,” Ray’s voice, soft and smooth, lingers over me. I barely notice as a soft, delicate hand deposits itself on my head, smoothing my azure hair.

Western Asian Women