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Where To Find Asian WomenI nodded slowly. Within seconds his lips were devouring mine. He kissed me roughly and hungrily. I returned the kiss just as roughly. I snaked my arms up his chest and to the back of his neck. He grabbed me towards the dance floor; he put his arms around my waist and led the dance.

Mich on the other hand put the music into a slowly sweet one! They’re so incredible! Mike smirked at me and I smiled, suddenly I felt a sharp eyes watching us I want to turn around when “Don’t you dare turn around, he’s looking at us with a very angry look” Mike smirked. “Darn! Maybe he’s angry because he’s best friend is dancing with guys remember back the olden days?” I asked.

“Yeah! I remember that but the looks are quite different maybe he’s jealous now!” he smirked. “I’m not satisfied with just a look that kills me to death” I chuckled. “So can I kiss you?” he asked.

Seriously I’m in shock but knowing that were doing this to find out if Nick loves me more than a friend I agreed.

Mike kisses me softly and passionately, he bit my lower lip asking for entrance and I quickly granted it without a doubt.

We pulled quickly and smile. “You’re not a bad kisser” he said. “You either” I smiled.

We just laugh and look around, we can’t find Nick anymore. “Where is he?” I asked.

“I’m also looking but I can’t find him” Mike answered with worried look. “Why are you doing this Mike?” I asked. “I just wanted to help” he smiled.

“But why are you helping him rather than yourself I mean you can have me if we both wanted” I smiled.

“Nah! I don’t deserve you Nikki.

I mean Nick and you are the perfect couple for me, I’ll see you later” he sigh. He’s so nice! But where did Nick go? I keep on looking there and here but I can’t find him except Myka who was talking with other guys! I went too talked to her when I felt a spark running into my veins, I never felt like this before.

With that perfect spark includes a hard rock 6 packs leaning at my back, I want to turn around when the owner of that body hugged me. “Why?” the mysterious guys asked. “Who the hell are you?” I replied.

The mysterious guy didn’t reply; I saw a girl lending some drinks I grab 3 shots and drink them consecutively. “You’re not a drinker you know that?” the mysterious guy said. “Can you please let go of me?” I yelled.

He quickly let me go and I turn around to look him but the place is so dark I again saw the girl serving some drinks and I grab another 4 shots and drink them quickly.

Where To Find Asian Women