White Guy Asian Girl

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White Guy Asian Girl

I crouch down, peering into the creature’s body. There is no definite shape to it, but it doesn’t have the usual intensity that a normal Shifter would have. Instead of the brightness of a monster, its eyes contain the darkness of an inner turmoil. We continue to make eye contact, I unable to break away. “Oh no, you did not just – I mean, really??” Sunny said. “But – ” Soon after he left to go to his locker.

I smiled and then grabbed the books I needed for the first period because we only had one period of class today then we could leave.

Some holiday today I thought.

It was weird since we hardly got to ditch school right after the first period but thank god. I slammed the locker close and spotted some piercing blue eyes staring at me … Natha, White Guy Asian Girl.

It was getting AWKWARD so I looked away first and proceeded to class.

“Wait, Jason, have you ever been here? You know, I don’t want to be lost.” I said. “Calm down, love. You’re fine. I’ll come for you. Just tell me where you’re at?” Good freakin’ questio, White Guy Asian Girl. CHAPTER 10: WAS A FOOL, ALWAYS A FOOL Jason walked towards me and tried to take my hand, but I snatched it away. He chuckled deeply.

“That’s what I mea, White Guy Asian Girl.” Puppy Love “Would you mind struggling a little more?” He asked in a husky voice.

“You have no idea how much your twisting about is turning me o, White Guy Asian Girl.” “I’ve missed you,” he moaned, his hands roaming all over my body and touching me in that wonderful way. I waited at The Bean, not even bothering to go inside. I didn’t want coffee I just wanted to see her, to explai, White Guy Asian Girl…

“Pss, pss, wake up!!” someone whispered in my ear. Blair rolled her eyes, “And you thought I was going to listen to you. You wolves are so domineering.

” She said and began to walk into the living room. I look around, searching for someone. Anyone. However, White Guy Asian Girl the only things here to keep me company are the mosquitos, spiders, and other disgusting bugs. For a minute, I observe one of the gigantic arachnids as it weaves a spectacular web a few feet away from my face. Of course, that doesn’t last long. “Humph, no, I am not going to move unless you tell me where we are going.

” I said, holding my nose up high. “Hahaha, now I’m definately not going to tell you.” He said ”ok um let me introduce you guys this is lexie to my right she is my best friend.

” He went over to the cabinet that I’m not allowed in and grabbed a hundred dollar bill. I don’t know why I’m not allowed, everyone else it. Even Jerriko.

Jerriko for goodness sake’s!

White Guy Asian Girl