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White Guys Asian Women

Copyright Statement “Go wash your hands.” I ordered “ I said I didn’t need your help,” I muttered. I went to go sit up, but I started to fall back, and I leaned forward back onto Art. Damn him. I made a mental note to myself: Don’t ever wear dresses, unless you don’t mind showing off your underwear to the world.

“ Yes sassy frassy,” he laughed. I narrowed my eyes at him, and then flicked him off. “ Hope you have fun in tackle football today,” he grinned and then ran off towards his friends. I stood there, and looked at every guy. They are all above five foot eight, and I am a towering fucking five foot three!

I won’t even be able to get the ball. I could care more or less about getting dirty, and violent while playing football, but since im really tiny this football game isn’t my greatest sport…

at all. My stomach dropped watching him and my cheeks heated up. “ Thank god they never talk,” Joe cut i, White Guys Asian Women. I bend my head, hoping to avoid another terrible slap, my tears racing to join the blood.

“I’m sorry,” I apologize, my words almost a cry. I shrugged. The silence seems to last for an eternity. And the, White Guys Asian Women… I finally remember to breath.

“It means he’s an asshole.” I flopped onto my bed, stretching out on my back and staring up at the ceiling with my cell tucked between my shoulder and ear. “I thought it meant something at first, too, but then he mentioned the strike and I realized what he was doing.

His plan this weekend didn’t work, so he was trying a Linda’s eyes hardened.

“If Daniel doesn’t kill the man I’ll kill him myself. What a terrible ma, White Guys Asian Women. Did you tell Dan about that night?” she asked.

I scurry behind her, rather curious to see Lauren’s room. ”GET OUT!.” “To your house. Where else?” He said in a duh tone “It’s a surprise”.

Our apartment seemed so lonely when I walked in, like something wasn’t right. I walked all around the kitchen, living room, bathroom, my room, nothing was out of place.

I finally walked into her room. It smelled sweet, like lilies and brown sugar. I inhaled deeply with my eyes closed.

When I opened them I noticed an envelope on her bed with my name inscrolled onto it. That was nice of her to leave me a note. I smile to myself giddy that she had become so thoughtful. “It’s-important. Please, baby, just a little chat?” I groaned.

If only she knew. “Thank you.” I said shyly.

White Guys Asian Women