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White Male Looking For Asian FemaleI gave a small laugh. “Thanks, Rico.” “Thank you William. I had fu, White Male Looking For Asian Female.” I said to him “Such as?” “ Well, you never know,” he shrugged. I rolled my eyes, and saw the park, and I broke out into a run towards the swings, ignoring the pain in my foot. I heard Corey calling out towards me, and he started running towards me. I stopped at the swings, and Corey ran up behind me wrapping his arms around me, and I felt his lips the my neck. I tried pushing him off. “I like it, it shows off your long, beautiful legs.” He said, stroking the tip of his finger down my thigh.

“What do you have against love?” “Proving what?” “Shut up and stop saying my name like that or next time it will hurt more!” he growled it at me and dragged my now limp body the rest of the way. When we got to my room he yanked me up and threw me on my bed. I kept my eyes averted from him and scurried as far away from him as I could. I looked for something, anything to protect myself with. “Yes,” I said softly.

There was a small, awkward pause, and I asked, “Are… you okay?” I started to turn away, but he caught me by the arm. “Lissa, wait. Please.” Bianca smirked. You never want to pick dare if Bianca asks you. “Seven minutes in heaven with Chris.

” “The best thing for you to do,” her slender, silky smooth hands snaking out and resting on mine, “is to forget about her.” I walked into the piano room, led by the lady I had met when I first came here. She glared at me as I walked in the room. I guess she was a desperate fan of Dex also. With a harsh blink, she focused on answering. “Um, do what exactly?

” Her throat gave a throb at the words. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad” said Ali “Anyway time to go home and sleep FOREVER” Alex’s POV It’s already morning and I’m tired to get up, I’m still pissed off about Nikki calling me a jerk! Well, I know I’m a jerk but only to her! The truth is, I don’t know if I love her or not or whatever! So until I can’t make up my mind I will hesitate to get involved into a romance relationship that may tear not only our friendship but rather our families’ closeness as well! I try to get up on the bed only to find a piece of sticky note beside the clock and it says:

White Male Looking For Asian Female