White Man Chinese Woman

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White Man Chinese Woman

I pulled away from him, hurriedly putting a few feet of space between us. “I’m fine.” “ Let me take her,” Art said. I felt myself being passed onto clay and I let out a growl. “Oh, it’s really nothing.” I said, patting her shoulder, again, hoping that my acting skill had wakened.

“Oh nothing. I’m just interested in your little relationship with the new kid.” He said casually, catching up with me. We drove out to his house, which was a high-end condo downtow, White Man Chinese Woman.

as we were going upstairs, Ingrid was coming downstairs.

“-Yes daddy, sorry daddy.” Chad mocked a tone of a 6 year old annoyed boy. “All right.

See you,” I said, moving toward the library door, holding the copy of Lysistrata to my chest.

I was sort of curious to read it. “Okay, Logan, let’s go…. Logan?

” “Damian, I’m going to set things up for training, gather everyone and meet me in the backyard in an hour.” Cat told him after she finished her meal. In my strange state of delirium, I run and catch it in my hands, and then stare at it, expecting something.

Anything. “If you don’t leave,” I laced intimidation in each word, “In my Vogue interview, I will tell them that I have been bullied for over four years by two mean, ugly girls called Akemi and Ayako, and they threatened me with a knife. And then, magically, a copy of Vogue just might appear on the principal’s desk…” “-Too young my ass.” He turned to face me, and I thought his eyes still looked a little guarded.

Or maybe he was just tired. Or maybe I was, and my vision wasn’t what it usually is. Because his voice sounded normal. No hands.

He walked over to me, standing over Peter’s body as I made the final adjustments to his bandage. The blood seeped through the Kleenex, spots of red appearing on the outward tissue, some droplets slipping down his knee. I looked in fright as the blood stains grew bigger, dyeing the tissue a deep ruby shade. I looked to Dex in fright, his face contorted in similar alarm.

“What do I do?” I asked in alarm. He looked expressionless as asked him for his much-needed help, his face as blank as could be. Blood began to ooze outside of the bandage, trickling down Peter’s muscled leg. Carefully, I brought my elbow over to his shoulder, hefting his weight onto my reluctant arm. I could feel sharp jabs of pain shoot through me, causing my legs to wobble underneath him as I lifted him up. I accidentally released a small, almost inexistent groan as I managed to pull him completely onto my slight body.

White Man Chinese Woman