Why Asian Girl Attractive

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Why Asian Girl AttractiveDan stared into my panicked eyes for a few seconds before his eyes turned determined. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, almost instantly wiping my mind of what happened. I felt hands involuntarily snake around his waist, he moved his hands down to my waist and pulled me up so I was standing, pressing me back against the wall. He pulled away and I opened my eyes to meet his molten chocolate ones. “He won’t hurt you.” He said, determination and strength strong in his voice. “Late for what?” Denial.

Denial. Denial.

“Nay master, I-I am simply…I am…” She gave me a cold stare and turned back to the board.

I laughed and she turned back around.

A rather portly lady emerged from the throng, crossing over to our side. With light silver hair and icy blue eyes, she looked like a former knockout, traces of her figure still left. She seemed to ooze superiority and authority, commanding respect.

Carefully, she examined Peter as he slumped over us both. His form seemed even more bedraggled now as we dragged him, his feet splattered with mud. I took a deep breathe then replaced my frown with a big smile. I still remembered this school pretty well. I knew where everything was already, but I noticed that they had made a little few changes since I was last here 3 years ago. I walked to the office to get my schedule. It was all the way upstairs, so I had to climb 3 sets of wooden stairs, Why Asian Girl Attractive then walk through a small hall. He nods, his blue hair blowing in the fierce wind, looking not at my eyes but past me entirely, casting his gaze into the furtive unknow, Why Asian Girl Attractive.

I realize that even though he is here, he is not, and at this moment—what he is, he isn’t. There’s a questioning of identity that comes with every horrible situation, whether it is realized or not. “Dex…” her voice was barely above a whisper. “You have no idea how much I want you to kiss me.” I ignored Dex’s last jab, stuffing the whole pack of white Kleenex onto his knee. Carefully, I pulled two rubber bands out of my purse, wrapping it around his injury. I watched him for a second more, wondering once again how he had suffered all this while keeping a meager smile on his face. I glare at him, wondering how one person could possibly get on my nerves to such an extent.

I decide not to comment on that statement for fear of an imminent explosion on my part. “So tell me about what happened to you right until you were found by the group.”

Why Asian Girl Attractive