Wild Women

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Wild Women

I turned and was shocked to find that Ellen was the speaker. Our eyes met, and Ellen gave me a small, imperceptible nod before focusing her attention back on the mortified Kelsey.

Mentally, I check off ‘visiting Paris, France’ and ‘eating only dessert for dinner’ among a bunch of things on my bucket list. “Chris!

Chris please stop! Your going to kill him! Chris you can’t kill him, p-pplease!” I started stuttering as the tears poured from my eyes. If he killed him than he would be in more trouble than Mike. Mothers.

Gotta hate ’em, gotta love ’em. Gabriel laughed from where he laid on the bed completely naked. With a shake of his head, he got up and put on a blue robe that was hanging over a door before walking out of the room and looking around their apartment.

Lots of windows, was his first thought.

His second thought was, where was his pack. Just as the double doors swung open and Micheal, Nick, and Brad walked i, Wild Women. “And when do we turn into a werewolf?” I asked. Beth shivered from under her brother’s heavy sweater, inhaling Vincent’s sweet scent from where it caught in the cotton as she made her way through the city-streets beside her only female friend, Magda.

“What!” we all said at once “You have to get your nutrition, Mona,” Xavier insists, reaching for the fruit and handing it to me. “Here, we have only a few hours of sleep.

“I’d like to feed you some more, but your droopy eyes tell me that you need to get to sleep as fast as you ca, Wild Women.” The maids quickly came out and grab the luggage, ok, let’s say about 9 maids.

Chapter 11 A silence stretches between us as I try to figure out how to phrase my next words.

I soon give up, unable to make much coherent sense. “I don’t understand,” I choke, sliding down the tree onto the ground.

“I just don’t get it.” I was furious and knew every word I said would sound that way. Soon after we were fully making out. He kissed me and I wrapped my arms around his neck playing with his hair. He put both hand at either side of me keeping me still. I bit his bottom lip and he granted me access so I slid my tongue in and played with his. The crystal clear fluid flowed down to are bodies making us wet, and slippery.

I pulled back while he kissed my body all over. First my neck, Wild Women then my chest, and now my stomach. I moaned against his touch. He chuckled, “Yeah,”

Wild Women