Women For Dating

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Women For Dating

We pulled away and I laid her down and kissed her forehead softly. She smiled up at me and snuggled in closer. Soon she was asleep, and I took off my shirt and jeans. I undressed her, trying not to get to lustful just looking at her, and put one of my shirts on her and put the covers over both of us. I sighed, and am pretty sure, that smile stayed there the entire time I was asleep.

“So what if I am?” I bend my head in embarrassment, knocking one egg against the bowl to crack it. My eyes widened. ‘But Sir-‘ My cheeks flush a deep solid red, “Nothing.

” I whispered enough for him to hear my words.

Then walked away with what’s left of my dignity. I looked up at Damian in confusion, his brother? “My parents heard about my finding you, and called Victor, who decided to fly home.” He explained softly.

stairs “I’m so so so sorry.” Elena said as Micheal walked into the room with a sheepish look in his face, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She exclaimed giving Blair an unexpected hug. “Vanessa, honey, don’t you want to go outside instead of being stuck in the room?” Mrs. Cohen asked and pushed a strand of hair out of my eye. ”get off me.”she was being serious my eyes were wide open of the shock of what i just did. I was mad, so I replied to her and said “Look who’s talking slut oh and by the way thanks for the compliment. As you may know bitches are dogs, dogs bark, bark is from trees, trees are from nature and nature is beautiful.

” Her mouth was wide open now. “Hun close your mouth before a fly flies in and dies due to your bad breathe.” She looked like she was going to cry but I didn’t care they pushed me past my level and I wasn’t going to play nice. “Okay guys. J. T, Chris, and Noah get the food. Kayden, Nate, and Jerriko decorations. Vincent, Cam, and Xavier cups, plates, napkins.

” I said to the guys “Well, yes it can and it is” he answered “I have to go to work WITHOUT you; you know how much that’s sucks” “So spiders?” he asked ‘You really think a student would kidnap you?’ He said. I thought about it. “I’ll sick Vincent on you.” I smirked, watching Vince’s head snap to us The only thing I heard was, “They’re here! They’re here!” “Yes it does!” “Andy..” the way he sung my voice sickened me. My whole body shook with fear. “Are you ok?” I asked him “So, who is he interning with?”

Women For Dating