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Women Seeking CouplesThe night went on and me and Will danced and drank till it was time to go home we couldn’t drive home cause we were both drunk so Damien and Leslie had to drive us home we got inside before Will started kissing me sloppily and I did the same and we somehow got up the stairs and to his room still kissing we both tripped over one of his cushion, we both laughed as we fell to the ground and he got on top of me started kissing me again not realising that we’re still on the ground he took off his shirt and mine then I took off his pants and mine………(I’m not going into details) We got into the car and mom started the car. It was silent all the way from the school to our house. The atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward and tense. “You ride well.” He complemented me. I could barely speak and if I didn’t have as much experience in horse riding as I did, I would have surely fallen off. But I managed to say “Thanks” and at the same time I sure didn’t have to worry about being seduced by Durwald anymore because I was already completely, head over heels in love with this perfect being. I smiled to myself.

Finally. Without thinking, I ran to get the ball and I slipped, landing in a big pile of mud. I screamed.

All my clothes were covered in mud. And even my hair. Matt looked dow, Women Seeking Couples. So I was right. I was taking his best friend away from him. “Well, I should go tell everyone the news. See yah sis.” Derik teased. “Your house is huge!” She exclaimed as I led her to the spare room. To my family.

Who, even though they haven’t read any of this, have supported me from the beginning.

And to my brother, whom was my inspiration to start writing. “C’mere.” She beckoned me with her finger “Hey!” I said, as my books dropped from the shock.

I didn’t even want to see who it was and just bent down to pick my books up. Just as i was about to pick my last one, one of the guys picked it up instead. “ What happened?” he asked.

Women Seeking Couples