Women Seeking Man

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Women Seeking ManWhile I was looking at the chest still Nathan knocked on the door and I opened it up for him. He came in and sat beside me and that’s when he caught me staring at the chest. He smiled and got up and walked to the desk that was in the left corner of the tree house. He opened the draw and then took out what seemed to be the key. I was confused but then he walked to the chest and opened it. Ooh. A huge, black-and-blue bruise sprawls across my left shoulder, extreme redness surrounding it. Another one, though not quite so major, decorates my knee, bringing back painfully stark memories from the previous night.

It isn’t only a dream. ”im on the pill.”he smirked to that but he didn’t stop he grind on top of me making me moan he started kissing me biting my lower lip asking me for entrance, i gladly excepted. i didn’t notice my shorts were taken off and i was with just a lacy thong that i got from lexie.

i guess she had this pla, Women Seeking Man.3 hours later and i was sleeping soundly to sleep in his bare chest while listening to his heartbeat. “What? That’s what you say. Back, side, side, back, back.” I repeated.

Also the fact that she was wearing a shiny purple dress with sequins that caught the light and flashed it on my face didn’t hurt. “You know you look really good.” Jason said. Chapter Eight I dragged myself through the door, weariness showing in my slow walk. Lou was sitting on the couch, her magnificent raven black hair splayed among the pillows, contrasting sharply against her snow white ski, Women Seeking Man. She was leafing through the TV channels, her expression of pure boredom, most likely trying to hide the worry that boiled underneath her facade. *1 hour later* “Yes, let’s get this over with. First off I just want you to know that both incidents were and are still your fault. It was never my intention to meet you and personally I can’t wait to dismiss this date from my memory.

Furthermore, your defiantly not my type!” Gosh was that ever a lie, if it wasn’t for his poor attitude I’d be all over him. He is defiantly the most handsome man I’ve ever see, Women Seeking Man. It took me a minute to get out of my thoughts to realise he was snickering at me. Snickering? “No problem.

Let me know what you think.

” He smirked and touched my shoulder playfully. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll like getting away from the tragedies.

” “No problem,”I mumble, feeling embarrassed.

I don’t even know where to look anymore, and my eyes roam across the clearing.

Women Seeking Man