Women Seeking Women

Black color Men and women

Women Seeking Women

We got into the limo that was heading to our reserved hotel room. “ It’s pretty funny actually,” I said loudly. “ Corey here,” I walked over to Corey lightly punching his shoulder.

“ he had a bet, which Art was also in,” I said gesturing over at Art. “ Well the bet was…” I laughed rubbing the back of my neck. “ Corey was going to get a lot of money, if he succeeded in getting into my pants, and if he didn’t, Women Seeking Women then he would have to give the whole football team, excluding, you,” I pointed to Clay, Troy, mark, Gabe, and Joe. They all looked at Art. “ Seriously?” he asked dabbing his nose, and tilting his head up. I took a step closer, and pulled the cloth away from him. “About $400,000” George answered “No girls?

” I question, only to see four faces shaking their heads no. Chapter 19 Is he going back to that stupid club he said he would stop visiting? “How should we say this? You have power and you -” I creaked the door open and looked into the room. Sure enough Kayden was there, laying on the bed. “You’re…” he trails off, thinking deeply, leaving Sidney with her mouth agape. The bell rings in the confusion, and Xavier whisks me out of the classroom, out of the prying eyes of the people that just witnessed the scene.

CHAPTER 27: CONFUZZLED “He still cannot stand to be held down? Boo fuckin’ hoo.” Lucius growled in warning.

“Yes?” he replies, “ask me anything.

” His face perks up a little. “Quick question,” Jackson asked, “What did Luke Karam do that’s so bad?” My eyes widen to stare into his eyes, but just like one swift of movement, Women Seeking Women the eyes changed back to gree, Women Seeking Women.

I peeled my eyes away from his ‘so called green eyes’ and looked at the arm that was hold me. Everything seem so slow. Everything, so slow for me to see all of the details, until I broke it. “Mom, calm down, you’re hurting my ear.” I rolled my eyes, tucking the phone between my shoulder and my ear while I unlocked the door. I pushed it open and walked into the kitchen, throwing my purse on the counter. I opened my door and looked up as a hand reached i, Women Seeking Women. Dan smiled and grasped my hand, helping me up and situating my crutch under my arm.

Women Seeking Women