Women Seeks Men

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Women Seeks Men

When he pulled back, we both collapsed onto the bed. “That …. was …. awesome …” I said out of breathe. “I … know … I love … you Alissa. ” Liam whispered.

I just smiled and cuddled up next to him while he wrapped his arm around my waist. Then we both fell asleep into each others arms a few minutes later.

“Ettthhan” He slurred. “Kiss Bianca.

” He said “Hey, babe,” Jake whispered seductively. I just raised my eyebrows and pushed his arms off me. Misty’s jaw dropped to the floor. The entire hallway as silent, watching Jake and my exchange.

Suddenly there was a creaking noise, as the door slid ope, Women Seeks Men. Three extremely slutty girls walked through the doorway.

Two of them were obviously twins, by their similar looks and hairstyles. The one in the middle was less slutty, but seemed to be the leader. The 3-some pranced up to Jake, Women Seeks Men their butts swaying and chests popping.

Finally, Women Seeks Men they stopped, in front of Jake and I. One of the twins ran her index finger down Jake’s chest, and purred, “Oh, Jake-sweetie, I’m free tonight. Wanna come over and study?

” Oh, right, study, huh? Ya right. My gaze shifts towards the fountain, and then everything comes back to me in a flash.

I blush as I think of my time with Ray earlier, with the fountain and statue. Ray’s hot embrace felt very comforting, for sure, but at the same time, it was terrifying.

What if Xavier had seen us? What would he have thought? “No Sea! The name that starts with an ‘L’.” “Oh, okay…” “Color you hair.” He ordered.

I felt like I was having the peace talk all over again, with compromises and arguments. I whipped the stray tear away from my face. Couldnt she just see that I love her? “Where’s Jason?

” I asked and a breakfast plate was set in front of me. I guess dancing is not one of your favorite Layla said. I sighed. Damian cleared his throat and I looked at him, rolling my eyes at the jealousy in his. “Trevor, this is Damian, Damian, this is Trevor, my best friend.

” I said, emphasizing the “best friend.

” Then I remember that I hate him. The only thing that worries me is that maybe the Shifters will come back for the rest of us. I really need to keep guard, in case something like that happens.

“ Damn right im mad at you,” I said turning my head to look at him. “ but I forgive you,” I said shaking my head. I turned back around looking at the sky. “ Im still mad but I forgive you. I’m also disappointed,” I shrugged.

Women Seeks Men