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WomenUnder that gaze she somehow managed to unwind a bit. Probably because he wasn’t her father which left little to no possibility of him harming her. She tried to swallow, but found she couldn’t, it was raw, merciless pai, Women. Her hands reached up to clutch her throat, bewildered and cowardly afraid. It was a drawing of Dex on a piece of my valuable thick sketching paper. However, I felt like my “beautiful” drawing didn’t do Dex justice, so I began to cry. Tears slipped down my face in rivers, splashing onto my dress and bare arms. I can barely remember the Xavier from a couple days ago who could enchant any girl at all, all the while thinking that it was just a game. I was a true player then, toying with people’s feelings, making them believe I cared.

My behavior was a lot lazier, my existence almost meaningless.

I was a lot meaner too, cutting off all contact with my bewitched clients when I gained another one. I grabbed my phone and ran out of the room, and down the stairs, grabbing an apple to eat on the way. I threw my backpack in the front seat and jumped into the car, speeding away from the curb. I only had fifteen minutes to get there. “I was thinking I was scared!

I was thinking that if I told someone he’d come looking for me! And I was thinking that people would yell at me like you are now!” I said. “And – you’re not getting the point. Just marry me, Sea.” Dylan starting to walk over to me in a way a lion would. “If you marry me, you get my name. With my name – you can get whatever your dreams desire.

Whatever expensive sport cars you want. You can be rich from your wildest dreams. People like Aria or GG won’t make fun of you, anymore.

” He was circling me into a wall’s corner.

“Be rich, buy anything you want. You don’t have to live in a beggar of a family anymore-” I pushed his chest again; didn’t budge. “He’s sharing with me.” Blair said from where she leaned on the doorjamb to the bedroom wrapped in the blanket, “I told you I’d be right back.” She said looking at Gabriel before walking back into the room and slamming the door closed. “Poor Eve,” Louise agreed.

“Although she got more than enough to make up for all the bullying. She looks like a movie star,” “Hello.”