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I laid back into the soft comforter and stared at the ceiling. I heard hurried footsteps downstairs and I smiled.

Who knew he was so caring?

Then the door burst open and I raised my head shocked.

He was back with 2 plates crammed with various foods.

Toast, sausage, bacon, eggs, hash-browns, ham, all the good stuff. And a whole jug of Orange Juice. I laughed as he set them on the bed carefully.

He brought a folded table and placed everything on it. “Here you go,” he breathed out and watched me intently. I looked away and rolled my eyes. “Hey–Sea..” Was the only thing Heather said to me. Soon, everyone had joined them, multiple arms wrapped around one another, creating a huge werewolf huddle. “A little?

My whole back is revealed.

And let me remind you, who is wearing this outfit?” I asked, smirking at my remark.

“Explain what happened.” The doctor looked at me than than back at Chris than back again at me. “I can go to sleep now.” He said “I’ll be at the road in five. Come get me?” He sighed over the line Too Little Too Late “I am far from ugly, you asshole”! I yelled furiously.

Separations and TOTALLY Confused When she came back she looked at me and said “Truth or Dare?” My smile suddenly dropped. I hated her truths or dares, and stupidly I didn’t think she was going to ask me. “Uhm .. . Dare” I replied. “I dare you to have a one on one make out session with Liam right here right now.” I looked at her like she was finally insane but got up and moved to Liam anyways.

I sat down facing him then I pulled him closer until are lips were touching.

“Relax,” he said. “Yea! It’s not like I try to hurt you! You bumped into me and spilled my drink!

You tripped over the apples by yourself! And you turned into my fist! I’m not trying to do anything to you! I don’t even ever want to have to see you! You make me miserable!

” I started to tear up. This guy just makes me feel horrible. Am I really cursed?

I give up. “And Kayden is…?” She asked This made my friendly smile fade. I sighed. “You might want to sit down; there is a lot to explai, Www Asian Date Com.” His thoughtfulness surprises me in more ways than one. After only a few seconds, I sense nothing at all. He just… left. ********** …… “It’s ok,” Jason said and my eyes drifted over to meet his. I stared at him for a few second, before he got up and helped me to my seat. I said, as I tried to push him. Please kill me quickly, she prayed to the Goddess.


Www Asian Date Com