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Yahoo DatingChapter Seven: Ignorance “Whoo!” They didn’t sound very enthusiastic “What are you doing?” Jason asked laughing.

The taste of my name on his lips was intoxicating. I wanted to hear it again and agai, Yahoo Dating.

“Thank you so much Tony.” I batted my eye lashes at him “Um, hi Kristy,” muttered Taylor as she tried avoiding any eye contact with the she-beast. Taylor felt Kristy scan her outfit as she let out a little smirk. She had been wearing her favorite NYC hoodie with matching sweats and some Adidas sandals with socks.

Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and her makeup consisted of just a little eyeliner. A blush started creeping up on pale cheeks.

Totally mortified, Taylor mumbled a quick “I gotta go” and got in her car. She watched in her rearview mirror as Kristy smirked once again, and turned on her heel, strutting off in the direction of the other football players and cheerleaders. Taylor exhaled a deep breath. ‘Phew, she didn’t do anything this time; count yourself lucky,’ she thought.

Kristy always picked on the meek, and Taylor was the shyest girl in the school. No wonder she was such an easy target. She wasn’t a loner, she did have friends, but they weren’t really close.

No matter how hard her attempts were at being social or fun, it never seemed to work. Watching TV or reading a book was much more fun to her than hanging out at the mall or going to the movies; the total opposite of an average tee, Yahoo Dating. After moving to the small town of Riverton, New Jersey, she really didn’t have the heart to make new best friends. She missed her old friends back in Pennsylvania. Her face became sad as she remembered the sleep overs and barbeques she had, her friends and her practically inseparable.

Taylor missed her friends a lot. ‘Get over it Taylor that was 4 years ago. Why can’t you fricken let it go!’ Her grip on the wheel tightened, showing the whites of her knuckles.

Driving through traffic, she, at last, reached her house. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” Logan said. “What about you, Randy?” “Ah, baby, but that’s the best part!” He pretended to pout for a few seconds, glancing at me. I grinned, this was perfect for me. I looked over at Levine, my partner at the agency, and nodded.

“She’s ours.”

Yahoo Dating